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Drunken Linglong

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The White Lady looked back and walked quickly behind Qing Chen. When they got to the Shuyu Courtyard, Qing Chen just sat and did not speak until Baguio presented two fragrant clouds of Taihu Lake. She looked up and saw Lady Bai still standing beside her. She was stunned and said, "Aunt Bai, sit down. You don't have to make such a rule in front of me." Lady Bai said with a smile, "Thank you for your kindness. I'm used to being strict in the mansion. Now that the princess is relaxed, she's really not used to it." Qing Chen said, "In the future, what I can avoid here will be avoided. You can ask Baguio when she has those empty courtesies in front of me." Baguio smiled and curled her lips. "Just for those rules, I was scolded by the princess, saying that I was superfluous." Qing Chen smiled and said to Lady Bai, "Aunt Bai, how long have they been in the house?" Lady Bai knew that she was asking about Qian and the rhyme. She thought about it and said, "Qian came earlier. He has been writing rhymes for four or five years. He has been serving Wang Ye for almost two years." "So long." Qing Chen did not expect to be speechless for a moment, but his heart was always blocked by something. Looking through the window, there is a clear stream winding around the bamboo forest. There is a lot of flowing water in Shuyu courtyard, deep and shallow, far and near, pearl and jade Cong, and the sound of water sets off the bamboo forest, which always makes the courtyard quiet. "It's not too early to say," said Lady Bai. "Like those in the mansions of Lord Ji and Lord Qing, even their children have been born. Doesn't Concubine Jin in the mansion of Prince Zhan also have a body? "Children." Qing Chen turned away and said, "Why haven't they done that all these years?" Jin Fei wanted to see it very much, but she always hesitated. Lady Bai sighed,whirlpool bathtub, "I don't know what Wang Ye is thinking. Every time there's always medicine. After all these years, what can I do?" Medicine? Qing Chen locked his eyebrows and asked, "Does Wang Ye often go to their place?" "I've been there before," said Lady White. "But this time I didn't come back with my troops. I was always in the study in the middle of the night. Maybe I was too busy." Qing Chen raised her eyebrows lightly, but she didn't want to say any more. She lowered her head and took a sip of Yunfeng. White lady looked at the side, the tea clear water vapor on her face light, the whole person seems to be hidden a touch of light sorrow like smoke and clouds, tactfully only slightly lingering and then deeply melted in the pool like black pupil, and then replaced by the whole body calm and calm. It was not as if he could not tolerate it,garden jacuzzi tub, but it was more painful than those who could not tolerate it, and he sighed slightly. When the white lady left, Qing Chen lay in the window and looked at the green bamboo. A few days ago, after a few rains in spring, many tender buds appeared together, and the fine green and refreshing black soil was broken, and now it is stretching powerfully. Ye Tianling likes the pride of bamboo, and she likes the quiet of bamboo, so they often stand here and watch. He would encircle her from behind, and she would lean in his arms and occasionally say a word or two. Qing Chen exhaled slightly and blew away a strand of hair that swept to his cheeks. At this moment, I don't know why I miss him very much. It seems that I know clearly that I don't belong here, just like at the beginning, confused and helpless fear. So looking forward to the stability in his arms, his faint but familiar tone, even his calm and cold eyes, where there is always a little distant starlight looking at her when she slightly gathered her, whirlpool bathtub manufacturers ,jacuzzi manufacturers, telling her that she belongs to him. And will he always belong to her like this? Have you ever had that kind of embrace, tone and eyes for another woman? When Baguio saw that Qing Chen had been staying by the window for a long time, she couldn't help stepping forward and said, "Princess, there's a lot of water in our garden. Even in summer, it's still cool. Don't get cold. Otherwise, how can I explain to the fourth Master?" Qing Chen turned around. "What did you say?" Baguio said with a smile, "Fourth Master has said that the princess is afraid of the cold because of her lack of effort. I have to remember more. If I feel uncomfortable, I will ask." Then he added a cup of warm tea and said, "Yes, just now the Wu butler sent someone to bring the main medicinal materials of the county. Would you like to have a look?" Qing Chen tapped the teacup and said, "Leave it. I'll match it myself another day." When Baguio had been with her for a long time, she could guess what was on her mind and said, "Princess, if you don't like the two of them, just send them out with a word. Wang Ye won't say anything.". ” Qing Chen frowned. "Send him out?"? Not to mention whether there is a place to go, even if there is a home to go back to, a prince's concubine, into the palace for a few years and was sent out, how to live in the future? In this world, I'm afraid even their families may not tolerate them. Baguio was silent for a moment and said, "Princess, you don't look like me when I looked at you before." "Why?" "Have I changed my appearance?" Asked Qing Chen strangely. Baguio covered the window and said, "When I first saw you on the boat, the princess was as helpless as we were, but she was resourceful and calm. She was able to protect us from being wronged all the way from those wicked people. At that time, I knew you were not the same person as us.". In front of the seventh master, the princess's arrogance is neither humble nor arrogant, and the sound of the piano is still incredible when I think of it now. Ci'an Palace accident, the princess is bolder than any of us, and her heart is harder than any of us. To put it irreverently, I sometimes think, where is this a woman can do? Is facing our Wang Ye, so cold and arrogant individual, how many people are afraid of him, but the princess in the court can sit on an equal footing with him, never see that kind of retreat. The princess has always been decisive, how to meet this matter today, the heart is so soft? Qing Chen seemed to smile and said, "If I want to be cruel, I can. Isn't it just to drive two people?"? Out of this house, out of sight, out of mind. It's just that you have to do things according to your conscience. It's not their fault to come to Lingwangfu. They're all women. Why bother to put yourself in others' shoes? This is also a truth, Baguio can not say anything, only sighed: "Then you do not suffer yourself ah." Smiling without a word, Qing Chen stood up and went to the desk. He took out a book, but when he turned it over, a piece of paper fell out, on which the names of some people were closely listed. Qing dust swept one eye, eyes fell on a few words, the herbalist to Gu Xuan, speaking of it is a useful talent, but it is a pity that Xu Xiang's student,hot tub manufacturers, and cast nine princes, muddy difficult alone, this time is inevitably implicated.

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