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The Summer of Guhuo Bird _ Jing Ji Xia Yan

Vloženo: 9.9.2022 | Přečteno: 6x

Yes. Feel very comfortable, the mood is very good what, it is the relation of anaesthetic. The actions necessary for survival are generally accompanied by happiness. Just like people who smoke opium, the human mind has a need for happiness, and animals have a trance feeling when they are alive. However, with the birth of society and the emergence of language, it is not enough to rely solely on the anesthetic of the brain, and people lose their happiness. Then, the grotesque takes advantage of the void. Furthermore, in order to pursue the lost happiness, religion came into being. It's a substitute for anesthetic. Opium or morphine is the substitute of substitutes. Some Communists say that religion is an anesthetic. This is an excellent idea. I felt a slight surge of excitement. Why was that? I felt that the boat I took was actually a mud boat taken by a raccoon dog living on a hard mountain, and I felt anxious. Then Jingjitang peeped at my expression at a loss, and then suddenly asked: "Is your great-grandfather still strong?" Confused, I asked: "Why are you suddenly talking about this? Aren't you trying to change the subject on purpose?" Who wants to interrupt. How's it going? Is it still tough? Unable to grasp his true meaning, I had to answer: I haven't met my great-grandfather or anything. Don't you know that? Even my grandfather died when I was five years old, and my great-grandfather was in the book of the King of Hell long before I was born. "So you don't know whether he exists or not." It's not that it doesn't exist. Am I not here,Fish measuring board, his great-grandson? All right. What about your grandfather? Does he exist? Didn't I just say that my grandfather died when I was five. No matter how stupid I am, I still remember that he exists. What if you were born with memories? To put it more directly, even if you were born not long ago, and you were born with all the memories from before birth to before birth, then you can't tell the difference now, can you? After Jingjitang finished speaking,Diameter tape measure, he was silent for a while. The bell--, the wind bell rings. The sunlight shining into the corridor finally weakened, and the window was dimly blurred. I don't know when the cat sleeping there has disappeared. I suddenly felt as if I were a baby thrown into the sea, and I had a terrible feeling. No, it's more loneliness and emptiness than horror. It's like a mud boat melting in the sea. That kind of thing? No, that kind of stupid thing doesn't happen. I am who I am. How can I say that you understand? You shouldn't be able to judge. Your memories, your present, may all have been recently created by your brain. It's like the first day before the opening ceremony, when the playwright writes the script quickly, and you, the audience, can't tell when it's done. "So, tape measure clip ,cattle weight tape, so empty and impermanent, I --" The room suddenly went dark. I absolutely cannot tell the difference between imaginary reality and reality, Mr. Sekiguchi. No, there's no guarantee that you're Sekiguchi. All the worlds that surround you are like ghosts, and the possibilities of the fake are exactly the same as the possibilities of the real. "Then wouldn't I be like a ghost?" I felt swept along by an overwhelming sense of insecurity as if I had been abandoned by the whole world. I even think that the loneliness brought by depression can be saved. I can hardly tell whether the person sitting in front of me is a friend or not. How many minutes did this last? When the man in front of me suddenly laughed loudly, I regained consciousness. Ha ha ha, you! Don't worry, I didn't expect it to be so effective. Forgive me! Even so, I still maintained a brief trance, in order to confirm that the person in front of me is Jingjitang, it took a lot of effort. "You, you, Sekiguchi, all right, you are indeed Sekiguchi himself, I can assure you." Jingjitang laughed, and I gradually understood the situation, and at the same time I was very angry: "What is the matter? Have you cast a spell on me?" I don't know how to do magic. I'm not a ninja. It's just that you looked like you wanted to know what I was doing, so you did a little test, and you didn't expect it to be so effective. 」 My friend completely saw through my inner thoughts, and I was teased like the brave Monkey King in the palm of Sakyamuni. "So what was said just now was all fabricated in order to trap me?" No, it's not. It's all true. The truth is too true! Jingjitang reached out his hand from his bosom and scratched his chin, which he often did when he was confused. "Tell me clearly, I seem to be under the spell of a fox." "Your family believes in Nichiren, don't they?" "What's the matter now? Are you going to use magic again?" It's not magic. After all, you are the one who will bring the wicked to their knees, but you have no faith at all. "The Lotus Sutra is indeed on my altar." But it's less than once a month. In any case, you are not a religious person, nor are you a believer in science. "That's right!" "To a man like you, the truth just now is the most effective thing to say." Is it? You are indeed the sect of those who believe in exorcism. Have you changed your ways? I finally remembered it and slowly understood what he wanted to say. But I feel as if there is still some trap, still can not feel at ease, I do not want to taste the taste of just now. Don't put on that horrible face. As you said, when I remove a possessed spirit, I must know the environment of the other person and the nature of the person. The theory is just like what I said just now. As for the method, it is the one that has just trapped you. For you, use the language that is easiest for you to understand. These languages are translated into scriptures, prayers,Adhesive fish ruler, or scientific terms. In other words, temporarily remove the relationship between the brain and the heart, and then restore the normal connection. "Why is there a scientific term?" 。

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